Feasibility study for studio development at Ludham Basement

Proposal context

Over the last 6 months we have worked with architects Public Works to develop a feasibility study for bringing back to use derelict garages adjacent to our existing studios. This is supported through the GLA Good Growth Fund allocated for a Stage 1-3 RIBA feasibility study.

The proposed development, which is due to start in spring 2020 will see the space turned into up to 80 artist studios and work-spaces, including space for community-led activities and residents. The users of the space will include community groups that provide services for the local community, including the most marginalised.

Our community faces many challenges, which this project addresses, including:

  • High unemployment and/or low mean annual household income;

  • High % of residents with no qualifications;

  • Many residents are economically inactive due to ill-health and many adults and children depend on the social care system;

  • Stark segregation along Mansfield Road between an area with high level of deprivation on the south side, and to the north (Hampstead) with low level of deprivation, leading to stigmatisation of residents in social housing

  • Urban blight due to inadequate waste management facilities

Example of use

CAV (Camden Against Violence) and Urban Xtra Radio are looking to lease one of the double garages (24sqm) in order to move the radio station and set up a recording studio in Ludham Undercroft. CAV is very keen to collaborate with local projects and London School of Mosaic. Both organisations have identified that there is a real need to support community focused and volunteer led groups in the area, who are looking to tackle poverty and youth crime in a supportive and pro-active environment. Urban Xtra Radio work diligently within the community to improve opportunities and create pathways for young people within the media industry by providing courses, support and mentoring with a view to creating the stars, influencers and gatekeepers of tomorrow

Set up in 2001, Little Hands Design is a charity focused on providing hands on, fun-packed sessions for children and teenagers, teaching them how to develop a unique dress sense, become responsible consumers, and how to design and make clothes. They have a strong focus on sustainability through re-use, mending and altering to teach about the life cycle of clothes. A strong component of the charity is focused on exploring the links and impact of the fashion world on mental health, body image and selfworth. They rent the space at LSoM every Tuesday and Wednesday, some Saturdays and also days during the school holidays .

Artist studio: expression of interest

If you are interested in the project or want to register to our waiting list for studio spaces please click below: