The Vacuum of Power

The buffoon who holds today’s “top” job, as Prime Minister, has already experienced the strange vacuum of power. How he is on display, with all the mirage levers of power, but as he tries one lever he realises it does not work. Each lever has a series of people attached, and when they don’t agree with him or they ignore what he wants, or they pretend to be working on it – nothing happens!


Even when he pulls a lever and it works and the people do what was asked, it is THEY who exercise the power and he only watches them. Isn’t that why the portraits of Kings and Queens are sulky? It is a vacuum and his hands are tied.


The great hope for today’s top man is being the shortest time serving Prime Minister. That is what most people want and his last opportunity to fit in with a democratic mandate. Bovine Johnson the loser – what a legacy!


What Bovine should avoid is breaking the law, being tempted to push the boundary in his direction and feeding his personal greed.


For therein lies a conundrum of modern liberal democracy. Very few around the Prime Minister will tell the truth, everyone wants to catch his attention, there are so many people pushing and shoving that he never has time to finish something off, before being whisked away for the next farcical foray. He only finds out later in the moments before turning lights out on another sleepless night, when he has minutes to watch the circular flow of media – if what he’s pooped has hit the fan and sends splatter.


The way the tramp across the pond deals with this is by shovelling daily loads of dung onto the fan blade, so the next flying flecks assault you, before you’ve had time to polish the last turd. What a fandango!


So the world’s most backward liberal democracy: England (not written its constitution yet, although even little charities must do) – England should stop living on borrowed time. The muddling through is no longer acceptable. Kicking the can down the road has passed its usefulness. We can no longer excuse ourselves with the phrase “mother of parliaments”. It’s time to move on.


Let’s face the change: here are some major fault lines that need tackling:

-          those who seek power over others are the exact type who should not be allowed near the job.

-          How can we encapsulate our responsibilities to family, work, neighbourhood, country, humanity and the Earth?

-          What type of system can evolve that allows people to serve, in the interests of greater good?

-          Should we use technology and experiment with everyone voting on each major issue? And who would then define the major issues? Perhaps this could be trialled in Liverpool or Sunderland and people paid a basic dividend for their efforts?


Britain was the first country to experience a modern revolution – in the crucible of burning together Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales – the king lost his head and modern limited democracy was born.


Now is the time to consider how best to take a step away from the factional politics of the party system, where cliques arranged things to make life easy for land and property owners, merchants and corporations – the very people who least needed political support. We should have a system that is open, transparent and operates in the public interest, and is not peopled with twits seeking to make history.


Real power has always lain with the people: the builders, farmers, cleaners and chefs who make the real world go around. Let’s sweep away the buffoons and put them into heritage’s display cabinet – the best place for them alongside Cyrus, Caesar, Cromwell, Napoleon, Stalin, Pol Pot and other irritating war lords of the past. There is only the difference between teeth – those with rotten or false teeth and the others with fangs.


It is time for “might is right” to move off stage: go and watch the wrestling if you’re bored.