Mosaic Studies, Degree Course (3 years)

The three year degree course aims to equip graduate with artistic and theoretical skills to become professional mosaic artists, working both on private commissions and public art as well as in the context of social engagement and art therapy. They will learn the techniques of mosaic making, have a knowledge of mosaic and art history, experience using mosaic as a community activity to improve social cohesion, and get a grounding in business skills to be able to set up their own business using a range of options from charitable to private.

Year 1 (Diploma Course)

  • Introduction to Fabrication: Introduction to tools, techniques and materials; nippers working with ceramic and vitreous glass; hammer and hardy working with smalti and marble; studying surfaces and substrates; professional practice with focus on setting up a studio and documenting and recording work
  • History of Mosaic 1: From Classical to Medieval Mosaics
  • Ways of Seeing 1: Color theory, geometry, life drawing and anatomy, art philosophy
  • *For the Diploma there is an extra History of Mosaic course to give students a complete overview.

 Year 2    

  • Intermediate Fabrication: Drawing, designing and making with consideration of scale and local context; Professional practice focus on setting up projects, writing proposals, getting commissions
  • Ways of Seeing 2: Architectural drawing; using digital imagery for designs
  • History of Mosaic 2: From Victorian to Contemporary mosaic
  • Social Impact (option): Theory and practice working with communities, schools and people at risk
  • Restoration & Conservation (option): Theory and practice of restoring and conserving mosaics

Year 3   

  • Advanced Fabrication: Work on a commission and project with skilled deployment of tools and techniques in self-directed manner
  • Dissertation: Development of a written essay of 6000 words on a practice or theory-based issue of the student's choice
  • Professional & Commercial Practice: business development, preparation of the students for work as mosaic artisans as well as other related roles