Our experience

London School of Mosaic has grown out of the work of Southbank Mosaics to civilise and decorate the minimalist face of London’s premier cultural quarter: London’s Southbank. The studio was set up in 2004 by volunteers, led by David Tootill. From 2004 to August 2017 we were based at St. John's Crypt, 73 Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8UD. 

We have over 250 installations in public space and a track record of teaching mosaic to a diversity of people including children with special needs and university students. These works can be seen on our Southbank Mosaics' walk:

Southbank Mosaics was a not for profit social enterprise bringing together world class mosaic artists such as Jo Thorpe, Tessa Hunkin and Susie Balazs with members of the general public. This was ran as an “Open Studio”, where artists, volunteers, school students and active citizens are trained in mosaic design and then help us to make public realm art works.

The emphasis of our social mission was, and continues to be, to work with young people in trouble with the law. We provide an alternative within our community which shows young people making a positive contribution by improving their neighbourhood’s environment and producing work for exhibition, including permanent public realm installations. Along the way they also learn useful practical and social skills.

As an open studio we worked with those who are interested in making high quality mosaics and helping our young people. We take referrals from GP’s surgeries and encourage local residents and families to volunteer.

Mosaic is the perfect medium for our shared public spaces, because of its colour and durability. We show urban planners and designers the potential of using mosaic for: Adding character and detail to public spaces, Making a memorable mark and Creating local employment (this is a labour intensive skill).