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Mosaic as Mixed Media: Direct Method (Wednesday daytime)

Mosaic as Mixed Media: Direct Method

Starting Wed 28th February till Wed 21st March, 2018 (4 WEEKS)

On Wednesdays from  10:30am till 2:30pm

For all levels. Both beginners and experienced mosaicists are welcome!

This course is ideal if you are looking for something experimental and are keen to explore the boundaries of modern mosaic. The aims of this course are to:

  1. Use mosaic as a technique to make Art, as you will be creating work originating from your own idea or design;
  2.  Exploring the boundaries and overlaps between Mosaic and Mixed Media: pushing mosaic beyond tradition, experimenting new materials.

Please note that this course will only partially cover the basics of mosaic if incidental to your work: it is intended to explore the thin line between mosaic and mixed media, whereby traditional mosaic making tools will be used little if at all, depending on the material used.

You should have an idea of either the message you want to convey, the image you would like to represent, or the material you would like to use: you will be using a board of roughly 30x30cm or 30x40cm in size if abstract, 20x20cm if figurative.

We provide some basic materials required to attach the tiles to the board: nails, screws, glue, cement. But this course requires you to find and bring your own material for the tiles: whether fabric, crockery, paper, metal, plastic or else, you will have the freedom to choose the material you think will better fit your piece, throughout the 6 sessions. Reusing discarded objects is strongly encouraged. You are welcome to use some of whichever reused material is available in the studio.


  • How to cut and transform different material into tiles
  • How to attach those tiles to the board, by using direct method onto wood
  • How to create a stunning work using colour theory
  • How to clean and hang your mosaic.

INSTRUCTOR: Francesca Busca

To Francesca, art has the same importance as philosophy: its ultimate purpose is to provoke something in the viewer of its time. She wants to convey a clear message to the viewer, whether this is just a thought or an emotion, as strongly as the technical and creative capabilities of mosaic allow.

Her aim is to prove how what is seen as rubbish is a relative and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful. She thoroughly enjoys working within both the ethical and the material limitations which this choice entails.

Francesca has a true and unconventional passion for mosaic, as it allows the use materials of all sorts: she strives to show the beauty and significance of each material in use. She never stops learning and experimenting. For wider significance she is on a mission to show the incredible - yet still quite unknown - potential of modern mosaic, as a fine art in its own right.


Price: £ 150.00 (this includes materials and tuition) 

A %5 Discount applies when booking 2 or more places.

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Payment method: Secure payment is being made online through Paypal - choose the number of places and click on Buy Now. If you don't have a Paypal account, then choose the Credit/Debit Card option. Alternatively you can send a cheque to London School of Mosaic, Ludham Basement, London NW5 4SF.

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