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Our mission is setting a gold standard in mosaic studies alongside building strong communities. You can donate through our Total Giving Profile:

London School of Mosaic is part of the portfolio of arts organisations funded by the Art's Impact Fund. Read their statement of support here.


The London School of Mosaic is supported by volunteers at several levels. The board of trustees and governors of the school give their time and expertise. They meet at least four times a year and oversee the strategic direction of the institution. If you are interested in being a trustee please email us at 

Investors Information

We are looking for both large and small donors and investors. Our charitable work includes making our neighbourhood more attractive and working in an engaging social environment with people in our community. We are also interested in regaining recognition for the lost art of mosaic.

Titian considered mosaic to be the highest art form. However since the Renaissance it has struggled to match other more forgiving art forms which can be produced quicker and cheaper – so mosaic became unfashionable. London School of Mosaic puts forward the view mosaic making needs to be re-instated into the pantheon of artistic mediums to make our public space and buildings more unique. With concrete, glass and grass dominating common urban areas there is an opportunity to transform the built environment into more attractive places with distinctly local character. This goes along with supporting a grass roots approach to improving economic well-being, ethical standards and quality of life.

We are looking for individuals with large or small amounts to invest who want a legacy informed by social engagement, greater public good and sustainable urban regeneration. You can leave an imprint with public art and social inclusion that will last!