London School of Mosaic is registered as a National Open College Network (NOCN) Approved Training Centre. We are offering NOCN qualifications in Developing Skills for Employment. There are 2 courses: ‘Introduction to Mosaic’ which leads to NOCN Level 2 Award in Developing Skills for Employment (6 credits) and ‘Preparation for Work in the Creative Industries’ which leads to NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Developing Skills for Employment (16 credits).

All units are designed around the skills, techniques and tasks of making mosaics and operating in a working art studio. All learners work to an individual learning plan and create a portfolio, with guidance and support from our tutors.  Health and safety in the workplace and self evaluation are also included. All course work is externally verified.

The time it will take a learner to reach these qualifications will vary. As a guide, each credit should take about 10 hours. Most learners will undertake the practical side of their courses in our studio; however the research, design, recording, and evaluating they do, can be done from home, our studio, or elsewhere (i.e. library).

It is a requirement of the National Open College Network that people who achieve qualifications are at least 14 years old and above. At London School of Mosaic we have people learning from the primary age up to those who are enjoying their retirement. We create a learning environment, where people can work purposefully on public realm projects, making a significant contribution at their own level.

NOCN Award Level 2 (6 credits) • NOCN Certificate Level 2 (16 credits)

Units within Introduction to Mosaic include:

  • Developing practical skills and techniques (3 credits)

  • Use of materials in a practical activity (2 credits)

  • Health and safety in a practical environment (1 credit)

The units available within Preparation for Work are as above and in addition:

  • Use of tools and equipment for practical activity (2 credits)

  • Investigating a vocational area (2 credits)

  • Participating in a vocational taster (2 credits)

  • Preparation for work experience (1 credit)

  • Customer service skills (3 credits)

Introduction to Mosaic relates academically to GCSE grade D – G and Preparation for Work in the Creative Industries relates to GCSE A*– C.


Current fees for school students and adult learners £480 per term/per person (attending one day per week).


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 3pm

Please contact our office to check our availability and arrange an interview.

Tel: 020 7620 6070