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British Association of Modern Mosaic - call for exhibition

Call for submissions

BAMM’s exhibition of mosaics at the London School of Mosaic between 21st September and 19th October 2018 (to coincide with the BAMM Forum 2018)

This is an exclusive opportunity for BAMM members to exhibit their work.  The exhibition will also include a juried competition and will be running throughout the 2018 BAMM Forum in London.

The artwork will respond to the theme of “Open Ended”. The theme is very broad and includes anything linked to public spaces, the outdoor, and anything you would like to see in them: whether a landscape, a detail, or a fantasy subject, we are open to it all!

Depending on size, 30-50 of the best works will be selected for the exhibition and participation to a juried competition, with cash prizes of 100 (1st place), £50 (2nd place) and £25 (3rd place).  Winners will also be presented with a certificate.

All artists will have the opportunity to offer their works for sale during the exhibition (sales will be subject to commission).

This opportunity is open to BAMM members only.


The jury will be composed of three people (to be announced). They will be looking for well executed, original work pieces of work which display good technical skills, originality of concept and material, and which reflect the subject matter of the call.  Although the subject matter is very broad, we are looking for a connection with the 2018 BAMM Forum theme, namely “Create, Collaborate, Communicate – Mosaic” making in the public realm. Please note that the judges will be looking for diverse and original interpretations of the theme and we’d urge you to get creative and daring and have fun in your approach!

Fee and Payment

The participation fee is £20 for the first artwork submitted, £15 for the second and £10 for each additional submission. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make, but please note that a maximum of 2 works will likely be allowed from each artist (depending on the amount of submissions,to ensure the widest possible participation of members). Payments should be made through Paypal to or by BACS to BAMM's Natwest account (Sort code: 60-08-06, Account number: 80393306). Please note that payment should be made before submission, as the reference number will be asked for in the submission form.

If you do want to offer your work for sale, there will be 20% commission payable on all sales.


The maximum dimensions are 50cm x 50cm for 2-d works and 30cm x 30cm x 100 cm for 3-d works.

To submit your work, please click here.

Key dates

  • Deadline for submission: 15 July 2018
  • Selection results: 30 June 2018  (All applicants will be promptly notified by email)
  • Delivery: 10-14 September 2018, 10am-6pm
  • Exhibition dates: 21 September – 19­­ October 2018
  • Private View: 21 September 2018, 6:30-8pm, with announcement of prizes
  • Collection: 22-26 October 2018, 10am-6pm

Please note:

The artist is responsible for ensuring that works are delivered and collected on time, either in person or by post/courier. The  venue will be staffed during opening hours and alarmed when closed.  However, neither BAMM nor LSoM are responsible for any loss or damage to artwork and artists are advised to insure their own artwork, should they wish to do so.All income from artwork sold will be paid to the artist within 15 days of the sale (less commission), by either BACS or Paypal.

If you have any queries, please contact us:

We really hope you will seize this opportunity, and we look forward to seeing your work.