Special educational needs 


We work extensively with children with special educational needs from eight years of age and upwards. These include children with learning, physical and sensory impairments.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment where they can learn the practical skills of mosaic making, working on their own projects or contributing as part of a team to our public realm projects.

We help each child to write an individual learning plan to capture their own goals and intentions and regularly review the plan with them to make sure focus is maintained.

Learning outcomes

The children gain the following:

  • Design skills

  • Mosaic making, fixing and installation skills

  • Understanding of how to price their own work (if they wish to sell work)

  • Understanding of how to operate and behave in a working art studio

  • Experience of team work

  • Patience and delayed gratification

  • An understanding and insight into their own power to create

  • Civic pride at seeing the work they help to make out on the streets

  • Enhanced feeling of well-being

  • Accredited qualifications (optional)


The current fee is £480 per term /per person (attending one day per week). This can lead to a National Open College Network (NOCN) qualification, if desired and relevant to the student’s skills.