FAQs for degree and diploma course.

- When do applications open?

Applications are open now

- How do I apply?

All applications are to be made online here

You will need to submit a portfolio of work. This must be submitted as documentation in either JPG or PDF format of no more than 12 images. The work can be of any artistic medium and doesn’t need to be mosaic.

  • You will also need to send us: an up to 800 word statement of your interest and motivation in the course (why you want to study at London School of Mosaic, what you are hoping to learn and what is your experience that supports this goal);
  • copies of your previous qualifications: GCSE’s and A-Levels or any equivalent international qualifications, previous academic degrees;
  • your CV

Based on the portfolio and statement we will select candidates, and invite them to a face-to face or phone interview.


- What will I learn from the course?

Our one-year diploma covers the following modules:

  • History of mosaic: classical, Byzantine and modern mosaic
  • Fabrication of mosaic: introduction to traditional and contemporary mosaic production techniques, tools and materials (including working with hammer and hardie), presenting and documenting work
  • Ways of seeing: mosaic theory and design approaches, andamento, colour theory, geometry, life drawing

Upon successful completion of your year of study, you will be awarded a Diploma in Mosaic Studies. Should you decide to progress to the degree, the following modules will be offered over a further two years of study:

  • Intermediate and advanced fabrication with focus on developing site-specific work and working with communities
  •  Advanced colour theory and digital design techniques for an architectural context
  • Professional practice: planning, permissions and partnerships business development
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Social impact placement (with our studio)
  • Dissertation and degree show

- What are the entry requirements?

For Diploma only students, there are no formal academic requirements. We choose students on the basis of their portfolio and statement.  

Should the prospective student consider continuing for a further 2 years to pursue the degree, please be aware that formal university procedures will apply through proof of GCSE and A-level.

- How many days do I need to attend the course?

We have a minimum of 2 days of core teaching, alongside which students are expected to develop their skills and techniques.

Teaching starts at 11am and finishes at 4pm on these days.

We teach over 3 terms, which last for up to 11 weeks.

- What qualification will I gain?

Diploma student will gain a Diploma in Mosaic Studies, delivered by the school as independent awarding body.

Subject to our negotiations with a UK university, students of our 3-year course will receive a BA in Mosaic Studies.

- How much does it cost?

The one-year diploma course costs £6000, which includes materials, tuition and use of equipment including desktop computers.

The fees for our degree are subject to negotiation with our prospective university partner, and we hope to keep it as low as possible.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@lsomosaic.com , tel: 020 7620 6070.

Alternatively, please come along to our Open Day on March 7th from 1100-1230.