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We are an independent art school that teaches mosaic art to children and adults. We deliver specialist short courses, workshops, accredited training and a Diploma and BA in Mosaic Studies, the first of its kind in the UK.

Wellness and social inclusion is at the heart of what we do and as a charity, our mission is to provide opportunities for well-being and social cohesion through the creation of mosaic art. We work extensively with vulnerable people within the community, including those with special educational needs and troubled juveniles, using mosaic as a tool for therapy.

We strive to ensure that mosaic art is accessible for everyone to enjoy and have over 350 installations in public space and we are proud to have received numerous awards and prizes for the quality and breath of our work.

We undertake commissions, working closely with our clients to create pieces that surpass their expectations. We have created a variety of mosaics for a vast range of clients; from small portraits for private individuals through to large scale mosaics for hotels, councils and railway companies.