David Tootill, Principal

David founded Southbank Mosaics in 2004 and set up London School of Mosaic in 2017. He is a self-trained mosaic artist, and holds a degree in Modern History. His enthusiasm for mosaic comes from his mission to enliven public space, and using mosaic as a collective practice that engages the whole community. David is actively involved with British Association of Modern Mosaic as well as an advocate for the abolishment of prisons.


Paula Ligo, Artist tutor

Paula has a background in participatory design and illustration. She has actively made mosaic since 2011 with Southbank Mosaics, and has trained in specialist methods at Spilimbergo. Her specialism is in using mosaic as participatory practice, working with children with special needs and running community sessions.

Silvie Jacobi, Head of Education

Silvie has a background in Fine Art and Geography. She is currently completing a PhD at King's College London on the topic of art schools and their role in creating art scenes. Silvie has been working with Southbank Mosaics since 2007, and has written our degree and diploma courses and academic framework.


Other members of the team:

Ida Ofori, Marketing

Sharina Shaharudin, Finance


Dr. Will Wootton, Lecturer in Roman Art at King's College London

Dr. Eileen Rubery, Lecturer in Byzantine and Medieval Art History, Cambridge University

Giulia Vogrig, Mosaicist, Lecturer in Mosaic Practice

Chris Smith, Mosaic Restorer, Visiting Lecturer in Mosaic Conservation and Restoration

Tessa Hunkin, Mosaicist and Architect, Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Mosaic History