History of mosaic – 30 credits

Term 1: Classical and roman mosaics

The term covers the following:

  • Classical and Hellenistic pebble mosaics

  • The development of tessellation and virtuoso Hellenistic vermiculata

  • Mosaics in late Republican and early Imperial Italy: from vermiculata to monochrome

  • Mosaics made under the Roman Empire: the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa

  • Production in the provinces: mosaics in late antiquity

Term 2: Late antique to medieval mosaics (including Byzantine)

 The term covers the following:

  • Introduction to Byzantine floor mosaics

  • Early mosaics and their context: iconography

  • Rome in the first millennium: popes and the empire in Byzantine Rome

  • Greek mosaics

  • Co-existing with the heretics: Ravenna and her mosaics

  • Venice and Torcello: the legend of the foundation of Venice

  • Sicily: keeping up with the Emperors

  • Rome again: the growth of the cult of the Virgin

  • Constantinople: the surviving mosaics of Hagia Sophia and Karyii Cami 


Two essays, one practical exercise and report