Mosaics for Lambeth Palace and Archbishop's Park (2006-2011)

We have completed several projects in and around Archbishops Park and Lambeth Palace including a fountain inlay, paving stones, signage and a seat.

The fountain at Lambeth Palace was restored and decorated after multiple years of not working. Volunteers and artists designed fish, sea plants and a jewelled beach as an inlay. The fish were made in the studio while the pattern was layed in situ alongside ceramics features.

The tree mosaic was completed in 2006 as the infill of some seating. It was made with volunteers including Archbishop Rowan Williams and is placed in the children’s play area of the park. It depicts a tree of life, with market fruits, including pineapples, first grown in the UK beside Archbishops Park. There is also a group of sheep, symbolic of the name Lambeth – whose possible origin is “Lambs’ Berth”, where sheep were brought into London through a place by the river Thames; although Archbishop Rowan suggested it might be from the Anglo-Saxon meaning mud bank! There is a blanket spread beneath the tree for a picnic with a bottle of wine with the writing FOAP – standing for Friends of Archbishops Park who fundraised for this project and have done sterling work in making the park a great community asset.